DataSphere specializes in data modeling and design, information technology consulting, and architecting and implementing applications and systems built with Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, Microsoft Office and COM/VBA.

Our core focus is on integration, interoperability and usability, gathering and consolidating data from a variety of disparate-and sometimes incompatible-sources and presenting and visualizing that data in a way that is meaningful and useful for the end user.

We possess significant expertise in data modeling and design, business intelligence and analytics, document management, web-based applications and reporting tools, and the design and development of disconnected "smart client" applications. These include front-line data collection and management tools designed to support the needs of remote workers in fields such as human intelligence and disaster response and management, who may be in the field and without any access to local network for days or longer.

Featured Product

BioDefend® - BioDefend® is a dual-use automated syndromic surveillance system designed to give first responders in public health an early warning of emerging disease trends and outbreaks. By combining direct integration and data collection from existing sources of health and patient data with automated real-time reporting and analysis, BioDefend provides an important first look at the overall trends present in normally disparate, disorganized, and difficult-to-analyze data.